Monday, February 24, 2014

South Street Seaport's See/Change Ice Rink

The rink after resurfacing

Rink: South Street Seaport See/Change Ice Rink

Location: Fulton Street at Front St.  The rink has been installed on top of Fulton Street's cobblestones.  Rubber mats have been placed around the rink so you can walk from the locker room and to the rink.  There are also a small bank of bleachers for spectators.

When Visited: Feb. 21 at 7:30pm

Price: $10 admission (but there was a 1/2 price promotion so I paid $5) / $6 skate rental ($3 during promotion).  Half price for locals.

Locker Room: You pay and put on skates in the storefront at the southwest corner of Fulton and Front St. Some people leave their shoes under the benches but there is also a bag check available for $8 ($4 during the 1/2 price promotion).

The locker room

Size of Rink: 4950 square feet (according to though it seems comparable in size to Brookfield Place's.  The rink is fairly narrow so when it's busy and skaters are hugging the walls, I can imagine you need to make pretty sharp turns at either end.

Crowd: Perhaps because of the newness of the rink and lack of tourist traffic Friday night, the rink was gloriously empty - there was never more than a dozen skaters at a given time - mostly families and couples; no tourists.

Staff: One guy stood outside the rink keeping an eye on things.  Phones weren't forbidden and everyone was taking pictures.  One girl was skating and texting for a little while.

Music: None.  As part of the Seaport's See/Change initiative, there is a pop-up music venue called Front/Row adjacent to the rink.  The band was playing covers of 90's rock.

Overall Impressions: A beautiful setting, with the white and pink spotlights on the ice and the light globes around the rink.  The dearth of skaters was a wonderful respite from the gridlock of Bryant Park so I was able to work on some moves I wouldn't have been able to at a busier rink. It's open for just one more week and I plan to go back at least once before then.  I hope the rink comes back next year.

More Facts:
Phone: 212-742-2241
Closing: March 2, 2014

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